Monday, September 24, 2012

When Installing Play set in your Backyard

Here is something for you, if you are soon going to install some fun-filled equipment in the backyard for your kids.

When installing the playground sets in the yard, make sure you have 6-foot fall zone in all the directions. It is essential to keep the area around the play set free of any obstacle like bushes, fences or hard surface that can cause injury to kids. Also, ensure that there is no sharp object like stake or branch in the ground.

Install the play set in a way that it does not wobble and stand firmly on the ground. Moreover, you can add non-skid strips at the places where your kids need a better grip and bumper pads for cushioning the corners of equipment.

Make sure you buy the playground sets that are appropriate as per the age of kids. Well, your task does not with locating the play set in the yard; you need to regularly inspect them for any broken part or open edge that can harm your kids. If you find any fault, immediately take steps to either repair it or remove the play equipment from the yard.

Did you know? Nearly 60 percent of the play area injuries are due to falls on the ground. So it would be great if you cover your backyard ground with high quality surfacing options like wood chips, fine gravel, mulch and fine gravel.

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