Monday, July 8, 2013

We found this fun infographic today on It is a great resource for safety and injuries regarding playgrounds!

Playgrounds: Build It Right, Play It Right!
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Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Make Backyard Playground?

It's great that you have planned to make your backyard a private playground for children. However, you need to take essential steps to ensure your kids are playing in the safe environment. It's okay if you have never tried your hand at it. Factoring on the following factors would let you build a fun-filled backyard playground.

Begin with covering the surface of the ground with high quality rubber mulch. You can easily get it from a tangible or an online store. It is needed to prevent the any injury to kids due to falls from environment. Moreover, it absorbs moisture up to any extent and prevents weed growth, hence, providing non-slippery and clean surface to kids.

Search for play sets that are not only entertaining but also safe for kids. But before this, you need to measure the area where you will install the playground equipment in the backyard. This would give you an idea of what type of equipment would fit well in the private playground.

There are many types of play sets available nowadays. But when it comes to buy backyard play sets, parents opt for wooden equipment as these are considered safe and can easily withstand adverse weather conditions. Such play sets are constructed as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC, hence is considered the safest for kids.

You can choose to buy wooden complete swing set or play house for the backyard but before making the final decision, ensure that all the pointy edges that can harm the kids are properly covered in playground equipment.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Reduce Playground Injuries?

It becomes quite a difficult task for the parents to control their kids in playgrounds. However, in order to ensure the safety of your children, you need to take up certain measures. Here are certain tips that you can use for keeping your kids safe in the playground.

Begin with looking for play sets installed in the playground. Check there is no pointy edge in the playground equipment that can cause any kind of injury to kids. Make sure the play set on which your kid is playing has been constructed in adherence with the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC.

You need to learn, whether it is a dome climber, play house, swing set, see saw or play slide, a certain age bracket of kids is kept in mind before designing the play set. Provisions like complexity, height and others are defined as per this age bracket. Ensure that your children are playing on age appropriate set in the playground.

Take kids to the playground that is installed with high quality rubber mulch. It helps in providing the cushioning surface, hence, the risk of getting injured due to falls from the playground equipment get reduced. Rubber mulch provides a safe playing environment to kids.

Children playgrounds can be riddled with germs. Make your kids wash their hands properly after returning back from the playground.

Why to buy Wooden Swing Set?

There are different types of playground equipment like see saw, slides, play house, dome climber etc. available in the market. But when it comes to swing set, children cannot keep themselves away from it. Since ages, swing sets are loved by children. If you are planning to buy the equipment for kids, then bring home a well-furnished swing set.

Swing sets are generally made of metal, plastic and wood. But a majority of parents prefer to install wooden swing set in their backyards. It is because these are not only entertaining but are also safe for kids. Manufacturers use timber, redwood and cedar to construct wooden swing sets as these are virtually splinter free and naturally resistant to decay, insect and rot.

Wooden swing sets are considered stronger and durable than the ones made with plastic and metal. These are capable of absorbing moisture up to any extent, providing non-slippery surface to kids. Wood sets are designed to withstand UV rays and harsh weather conditions outside. Owing to their qualities, these stay in the playground for comparatively a longer time than other swing sets.

Outdoor wood swingset are usually available in flat base and A base. You can select the one as per the slope of your backyard playground. Before making the final call, ensure that manufacturer has used ASTM and CPSC guidelines while constructing the play set.

How to Purchase Playground Equipment?

Selecting the play set for kids is certainly not an easy job when you have so many in options. There are a wide variety of play equipment like see saw, dome climber, play houses, play slides etc. available nowadays. However to segregate your choice, you need to think upon different aspects related to the play sets.

Begin with looking at the material used in constructing the play sets. Different brands of playground sets brands use plastic, metal and wood to manufacture these at par with high standards. You are required to check the material thoroughly. Make sure it is of superior quality to easily withstand adverse weather conditions and stick to the ground for years on end.

Quality is the second aspect that you must consider. Try to make the deal with an IPEMA certified manufacturer that offers only high grade play sets to the customers. Ensure from him that the play set you are choosing has been constructed as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC.

Now comes the safety. You need to ensure that all the pointy edges and rough surface in the play set are properly covered to eliminate the risk of any kind of injury to kids. Check the play set is installed with all essential anchors such as bars, hinges, railings and the like.

An option for you is to buy wooden complete playground sets. All the above mentioned factors are taken into consideration while designing such play sets. Moreover, buying wooden sets would definitely make sense if you selecting it for backyard playground.

Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Choose Playground Equipment?

Choosing playground equipment is quite tough when you have so many options. To make it simpler for you, we are here with certain factors that you must consider before blindly laying your hand on any of the outdoor equipment.

Location – Before starting your search, you must measure the area where you will install the play set that would allow you to have an idea of what type of equipment would fit best in that area.

Material – Playground sets are available in metal, wood and plastic. Ensure from that you are selecting the strongest play equipment that can easily withstand extreme conditions of weather. It should be durable and can resist the weight of children.

Quality – Do not neglect to check the quality. Make sure the play sets you are opting for has been constructed in adherence with the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC. It would be a great idea if you buy the set from IPEMA certified manufacturer.

Safety – Ensure that the manufacturer has made the playground equipment for outdoor with all the safety measures. Check that essential anchors like bars, hinges and chains are installed at the requisite places in the set.

It would be a wise decision to install high quality playground mulch beneath the play sets. It would reduce the risk of injury caused due to falls from the play equipment.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tips for Buying Backyard Playground Equipment

Purchasing the backyard equipment is not an easy job when you have so many play sets in option. However, it is important to look for the one that is not only entertaining but is also safe your kids. Factoring on the below factors would help you purchase such equipment for the backyard playground.

Play sets like swings, slides, play house, dome climbers and see saws run high in fun factor. These are made up of wood, aluminum and plastic. You must go with the one that is manufactured with high quality material. However, when it comes to buy backyard set, a majority of parents opt for wooden playground equipment.

These are constructed using strong and sturdy wood like timber, redwood and cedar. Every wood piece has been carefully placed in the equipment to eliminate the scope of pointy edges. These are stringently tested by the manufacturer before the final delivery. Wooden sets have an edge over other play sets as these are considered more durable and dimensionally accurate.

Moreover, wood play sets have nature resistant property and moisture retaining tendency. These can easily withstand adverse climatic conditions and do not get corroded like metal playground equipment. The life expectancy of wooden sets is comparatively longer than other playground sets made with plastic, metal or aluminum.

You can choose to buy Gorilla Playsets for kids. It is a leading brand of playground equipment that constructs their wooden play sets as per the guidelines defined by CPSC and ASTM.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tips for Purchasing Backyard Play Equipment

It is a great idea to convert your backyard in a private playground for kids. But it is certainly incomplete without wonderful play sets. It's okay if you have not purchased any play equipment before. Factoring on the below factors would help you out in making the right purchasing decision.

You should begin with measuring the area where you will install the play set. By this, you would get an idea of what type of equipment would fit the best in the available space. While searching for these on internet, you would come across many play sets like swing sets, play slides, play houses and more that are loved by kids. Select the one that can be easily installed, leaving enough space for children to perform other activities.

Play sets are available in metal, wood, plastic and aluminium. Make sure the one you are picking is durable in nature and can easily withstand extreme weather conditions. Deal with an IPEMA certified manufacturer and ensure he has constructed the home play set in accordance with the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC.

Do not forget to check the bar, hinges, railings, chains and other anchors in the play set. It should be installed in the requisite places for the safety of kids. Moreover, you can also opt to buy ADA compliant playground equipment for backyard. This would allow kids with special abilities to enjoy with your children in their private playground.

Monday, February 4, 2013

You Need Secure Playsets for Children

Kid's security is something every parent worries about. But in most cases, incidences of kidnapping and child getting lost happens when they have to live the house to go and play somewhere in the neighborhood. With this in mind, parents should think of ways to control their child's movement and having kids’ playsets installed in your backyard may just be the right decision you make this year. As much as you want your child to enjoy being a child, safety and security are key issues you have to worry about. Play sets come in a variety of sizes, types and colors. You can invest in indoor or outdoor play sets made from a wide variety of materials.

Play sets holds a unique place in the world of toys and in the hearts of children. The concept of imagination develops in kids as they play in a detailed and scaled environment. In their minds, the different play sets they have can assume the form of real life house, vehicle, jungle, alien location or playground on which they can have fun on. thus with many models of play sets to choose from, you should not be worried what kind of playground equipment you will be getting for your child this year. Despite fitting in your budget, you can get some really sophisticated play equipment designed to your needs.

Kids’ playsets benefits both the parents and the children. For instance, it will get the children outside to play. Running around, and playing together adds up as an effective exercise for your child. Outdoor kids playsets inspire activity and activity leads to imagination and creativeness which are key areas in child development. For parents, having backyard playground will keep the child at home and reduce the chances of them wondering off under unsecured circumstances. Your home value will also improve once you install playground equipment. Play is addictive and it does not matter if your child is requires accessible playgrounds for them to play, as a parent and caregiver, providing the right platform for playing is all you need to do. Leave the rest to the young minds.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Playgrounds for Children Use

A playground or play area is a place specifically designed for kids to play in. Playgrounds may either be indoor or outdoor. Outdoor playgrounds though are the most common because of indoor space limitations. Modern day playgrounds normally have recreational equipment like see saws, merry go rounds, jungle gym, chin up bars, Sandbox spring riders, playhouses, trapeze rings, overhead ladders just to mention a few. To make playgrounds more entertaining and educative, they should include areas for free, quiet, social, imaginative, creative and exploratory play.

Playgrounds are vital for the physical, social and mental development of your children. By playing with other children, kids learn to interact and socialize with fellow kids thus improving their social skills. Physically, playing helps to develop the coordination of the muscles. Playgrounds for childrens have some challenging games and this can help to build the thinking and problem solving skills of your child. Children also get a sense of connection to their peers, local communities and to the environment. Playgrounds can also help to improve the imaginative and creative skills of your children. Last but not least, managing physical and social challenges during play can help children learn how to keep themselves safe.

However, if designing one is too much a task, there is no need to worry. There are so many companies whose area of specialization is designing playgrounds and can help you to design just what suits you and your children. These also deal in a lot of playground equipment so you can search them online and have them create one for you and let your children enjoy their childhood just the way they should.

All About Wooden Play Equipment

Play equipment made of wood or timber is naturally strong and flexible hence can withstand all the scrapes, knocks and bangs it is destined to receive from the playing youngsters. Wood equipment is also the finest playing tool's choice for many families on the basis of protection and safety since when wood is under stress, it bounces back. Given that most children play unmonitored, this equipment is the best to ensure their safety, as it can absorb all the rough and tumble directed towards it by the youngsters.

Just take a moment to contemplate about the type of stress that wood play equipment has to stand; from swinging on ropes, running on it, climbing or even jumping up and down. During this time of global warming, protection of the environment is also a crucial consideration. Timber also plays a big role when it comes to this. Most manufactures who are concerned with environmental protection offer products made of timber chosen from FSC-certified renewable sources and it is important that you always search for them when deciding on the wood play equipment to buy. Also worth noting is the fact that the attractive finishes and bright colors are just meant to attract children and not a sign of high quality. They are likely to wear off even faster forcing you to repaint or apply new finishes to the wood play equipment.

To most householders the most appealing wooden play equipment is that which blend easily with their home or garden environment. Instead of a huge out of place industrial-style play equipment in front of the house, most families prefer the natural easily blending look. There is also a life-long natural appeal of wooden play equipment to children, just like the affection all generations have for wooden toys. Still all that counts and makes timber play equipment more preferable by many families is their amazing fun factor and absolute 'playability'.