Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcoming Fall

The last two days have been picture perfect for me when it comes to the weather. Chilly but not cold, the sun is warm, and the leaves are beginning to turn. I've had my first glass of hot cider and worn a sweatshirt. I made baked potato soup for dinner and watched Monday Night Football on TV. Yep.. it is really starting to feel like fall is here!

What was your favorite thing about fall when you were a kid? I loved jumping in big piles of leaves! If we are being honest, I still like to do that. I recently moved to a new house with a lot of trees around, meaning a lot of leaves! So I am looking forward to raking up a big pile and jumping right in. I'm betting my dog will like it too. Her favorite thing to do is chase leaves.

So get outside, get active, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! It is finally starting to cool down after an extremely hot summer and its time to take advantage of it!

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