Friday, September 28, 2012

Playground Safety Rules You Must Teach the Kids

Playgrounds are fun. And backyard playgrounds are even better because kids have access to them 24x7 and can play to their heart’s content on the swing sets with no waiting in line behind other kids. You may be ensuring adult supervision while the kids are at play, but it is extremely important that you teach them how to be careful in the play area.

There are certain safety guidelines that you must follow and tell the children about them and make them understand their importance as well. Here they are:
  1. Teach them to be at a safe distance from moving swings or other items. They should never walk in front of or behind or even in between these items in motion.
  2. Tell them not to push empty swings just for the fun of it.
  3. Warn them never to loop the swing chains (or ropes) over the supporting bar or even to twist these ropes because such actions weaken the chain.
  4. Ensure than they learn the importance of always using the equipment in the way it is intended to be used and that they shouldn’t experiment with its movements etc.
  5. Tell them to always sit tight on a swing, have a firm hold and place their body weight in the center of the swing seat.
  6. Remind them again and again how they could get hurt if they tried to get off from a swing still in motion.
  7. Teach them not to hang or climb on to the main frame of the swing set.
When your children will understand and follow these safety guidelines while playing on playground equipment for home, the chances of any mishap will be reduced greatly.

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