Benefits of Playground Safety

Playgrounds - Benefits of Commercial and Residential Playground Safety

Playground safety is of the utmost importance to both parents and park officials. Keeping children as safe as possible while playing on playground structures is vital for both residential and commercial parks. Both types of playgrounds are concerned with the safety of the play structure; the safety of the playground surface and regular maintenance should be done on both residential and commercial playgrounds. Children need safe places to play, and it is the job of parents and city officials to ensure that all playgrounds are safe and fun places to visit.

Whether commercial or residential all playgrounds should have safe equipment for children to play on. This means that playground equipment should be suitable for the children playing on the structure. Residential playgrounds are able to customize their structures to the ages of the children playing on the structure. Commercial playgrounds should have designated areas for children of different ages to play in. Additionally all equipment should be firmly secured into the ground, so that swinging and hanging equipment is safe for all children. It must be remembered that there should be appropriate distance between swings and other toys, that slides should not end near other equipment and that a six-foot safe zone should be established around the entire playground safety to ensure that playground safety is in place.

Playground safety is helped when children can have a small tumble and their fall is absorbed. Certain types of playground surfaces absorb more than others. Rubber mats absorb more and are easier to maintain. Other types of surfaces that are safe include loose wood chips, sand, and grass. Grass and soil can be used, but they get packed down over time and can actually cause injury when it is firmly packed. Weather can affect sand, grass, and gravel-causing mud and sludgy play areas. Children should be able to run without worrying about spraining ankles or knees. Concrete and asphalt are too hard to be considered safe for a playground area. They can cause horrible injuries to children if they fall or trip.

Whether it is a residential or commercial playground, regular maintenance should be performed on all equipment regularly. Screws and bolts should be checked and tightened, swing chain links checked and oiled, slides checked for safety, and all hanging equipment checked for safety as well. Some equipment may need to be replaced over time, and this should be done before they equipment becomes unsafe. Regular checks by playground supervisors and owners will ensure that playground safety is at its best.