Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why to buy Wooden Swing Set?

There are different types of playground equipment like see saw, slides, play house, dome climber etc. available in the market. But when it comes to swing set, children cannot keep themselves away from it. Since ages, swing sets are loved by children. If you are planning to buy the equipment for kids, then bring home a well-furnished swing set.

Swing sets are generally made of metal, plastic and wood. But a majority of parents prefer to install wooden swing set in their backyards. It is because these are not only entertaining but are also safe for kids. Manufacturers use timber, redwood and cedar to construct wooden swing sets as these are virtually splinter free and naturally resistant to decay, insect and rot.

Wooden swing sets are considered stronger and durable than the ones made with plastic and metal. These are capable of absorbing moisture up to any extent, providing non-slippery surface to kids. Wood sets are designed to withstand UV rays and harsh weather conditions outside. Owing to their qualities, these stay in the playground for comparatively a longer time than other swing sets.

Outdoor wood swingset are usually available in flat base and A base. You can select the one as per the slope of your backyard playground. Before making the final call, ensure that manufacturer has used ASTM and CPSC guidelines while constructing the play set.

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