Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Reduce Playground Injuries?

It becomes quite a difficult task for the parents to control their kids in playgrounds. However, in order to ensure the safety of your children, you need to take up certain measures. Here are certain tips that you can use for keeping your kids safe in the playground.

Begin with looking for play sets installed in the playground. Check there is no pointy edge in the playground equipment that can cause any kind of injury to kids. Make sure the play set on which your kid is playing has been constructed in adherence with the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC.

You need to learn, whether it is a dome climber, play house, swing set, see saw or play slide, a certain age bracket of kids is kept in mind before designing the play set. Provisions like complexity, height and others are defined as per this age bracket. Ensure that your children are playing on age appropriate set in the playground.

Take kids to the playground that is installed with high quality rubber mulch. It helps in providing the cushioning surface, hence, the risk of getting injured due to falls from the playground equipment get reduced. Rubber mulch provides a safe playing environment to kids.

Children playgrounds can be riddled with germs. Make your kids wash their hands properly after returning back from the playground.

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